IPL Hair Removal

IPL hair removal is a quick, gentle, non-invasive proven method to permanently reduce hair growth for both men and women. This offers a safe, long-term solution to unwanted, excess hair. A course of around 6–8 treatments spaced 4–8 weeks apart will permanently reduce hair growth and is suitable for most areas of the face and body. Our Lynton Excelight is a powerful, reliable machine that achieves quick, long lasting results.

Mandatory Consultation and patch test
A consultation and patch test are required in order to determine skin sensitivity and the best course of action. You and your therapist can discuss any queries you may have, suitability and courses of treatment as necessary. This must be done a week prior to commencing any course of treatment. £53.00
Per session
Upper Lip £53.00
Chin £53.00
Lip and chin or jawline £63.00
Lower face £74.00
Fingers/toes/nipples/naval £53.00
Underarm £58.00
Standard Bikini £63.00
Extended Bikini £84.00
Full Bikini £105.00
Upper legs £115.00
Lower legs £105.00
Full leg £166.00
Beard £105.00
Back £155.00